Videogum’s Best Viral Videos of 2010

I usually save the viral internet videos for my other blogging endeavors, but I had to share this gem. It’s from a website called Videogum, a site that covers, recaps and makes fun of everything that happens in video, including internet video memes. This compilation is of the best viral videos of the year, and it’s filled with a lot of great stuff. The post itself has a list of all of the included items.

This video also demonstrates what I love about memetics on the internet. It’s all very quick and ephemeral, and nothing lasts very long. But that means that truly creative, truly surprising mash-ups of ideas and memes can have a very immediate effect. I think there’s a lot to be discussed about how the juxtaposition of memes creates humor and how the things we find funny create culture, but for now, this is presented just for everyone to enjoy. Happy holidays!


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