When is a journalist just a person?

From my other blog, Yes/No/Undecided.

Something bouncing around the journalism blogosphere today has struck a nerve with me. (my B, I don’t remember where I read it first. It may have been Poynter.)

The Center for Public Integrity reported (note, this article changed from the version I read initially. See paragraph below) that an unnamed senior journalist at ABC News in the 1990s served as an informant for the FBI. Specifically, this “mole” passed along information in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995.

Even more specifically, Gawker reported pretty quickly afterward the mole/FBI was Christopher Isham, who is now a vice president with CBS and its Washington bureau chief. The Gawker article The CPI covered its ass and quickly updated its story to include this information, and Isham’s denial.

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