Enchantment Under The Sea is a blog where two guys irregularly write about culture. Its roots go back ten years, when the co-writers of this thing first started staying up into the wee hours in a dorm talking about movies and music. Years later, these two still can’t shut their goddamn mouths about any of it:

Stephen G (Stephen Goldmeier) is a criminal defense lawyer and very irregular blogger. His most prominent blogging work was as a science writer at io9. He’s into sci-fi, comix, weird pop music, policy, and endless, insufferable conversation on the meaning behind culture. He lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Andy Toby (Andrew Tobias) is a professional reporter and amateur existentialist. He likes video games, media ethics, Cleveland professional sports, and criticizing pretty much everything. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

You can also see EUTS on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook, though even more irregularly than here.



  1. Toby:

    What a kick: to find out about this blog because it was linked to one of my J-student’s mandatory blog for the web design class. Always good to read what you are thinking.

    Just today I was telling my family how I wished you could report every once in a while for the Sunbury News. A recent story about the Dominion Nestle property development is a text-book example of what NOT to do. I guess it will be good for students to dissect when I teach media writing next quarter.

    Keep up the good work!


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