Hashtag Hashbrowns

hashtag hashbrowns


Katherine (Katherine Schmidt) and I (Stephen Goldmeier) really like brunch. So, we’ve set out to have brunch regularly, and do the things that people do at brunch:

  • We’ll share what’s special about The Places that we visit and where we live and eat.
  • We’ll fill each other in on all of the stuff we love to do on The Weekend, like watching movies, going to concerts, or listening to music.
  • We’ll notice the people around us (usually in the form of The Waitstaff) and all of the crazy things that become popular.
  • We’ll revel in The Food.
  • And, finally, we’ll to sometimes Pick Up the Check for all of the people doing amazing things in the world.

It’s Hashtag Hashbrowns, brunch with Stephen and Katherine.

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(hear more from Doug Martin, our theme music performer, OR hear our “brunch noise” by itself, from NoiseCollector)


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