Hold On To Your Butts – Episode 8 – Wikipedia / Horse_Ebooks / PronunciationBook


Welcome back! It’s episode 8! The hiatus is over, and we’ve finally figured out how to do these shows from two different cities. Apologies for the audio problems in the middle. We discuss Wikipedia’s growing lobbying problem, the strange story of Horse_ebooks and PronunciationBook, and finally our links of the week and updates. As always, please email us with feedback or leave it below! (CAUTION: there are some swears in this.)

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Relevant links (some are possibly NSFW):



No “Exit”: A Film About The Hell Of Ironic Cultural Emptiness

It’d be easy after hearing the premise of Exit Through the Gift Shop to dump it into the same category as Dogtown and Z-Boys or Train on the Brain: it’s essentially a documentary that purports to dive into a subculture (namely, the world of street art) and reveal it to the world. But the reality is, this film is not just about fringe artists and punks: it’s about the nature of art and culture itself, and the dangers of post-modern emptiness in a world that can monetize pessimism. (more…)