Hashtag Hashbrowns – Episode 1 – Welcome to Brunch

hashtag hashbrowns

It’s the first episode of “Hashtag Hashbrowns,” brunch with Stephen and Katherine. We muse about what it means to live in Ohio, wonder at Miley Cyrus’s skill with a breakup song, find ourselves moderately vexed by the use of hashtags in daily conversation, talk in slightly too much detail about sardines, and pay our due to a great scientific mind. Listen below! (OR CLICK HERE for more information about what this is.)

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Number 1: The National – “Bloodbuzz Ohio” – Stephen’s Take

As anyone who knows me might have realized, it’s been a weird few months for me.

I recently graduated law school, after three years of intermittently cripplingly difficult work and mostly relative comfort. For about three years I hovered between severe intellectual stimulation and almost bacchanalic simplicity. I was living on student loans, going to the record shops and bookstores, drinking with my fellow future-lawyers, and sipping tea while surrounded by complex thinkers and obsessive analyzers like myself. It was a life of ease, of both intellectual and mercurial pleasures.

But that’s a little different than the world I came from, as last year’s number one song would remind me. I came from a place called Ohio. (more…)