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Hold On To Your Butts – Episode 9 – Peak Bullshit: Upworthy/Livetweeting


It’s Episode 9! The internet is swimming in bullshit and feel-goodery, and we’re here to talk about that. First, Upworthy’s clickbait headlines have saturated Facebook, whether the underlying stories are true or not. Then, there are a bunch of people creating their own mini reality shows using Twitter, also becoming popular whether they’re true or not. Finally, an update on Wikipedia vandalism, a ridiculous (local!) car chase, and the first ever selfie. Join us, won’t you?

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Hold On To Your Butts – Episode 3 – Kitchen Nightmares / Arrested Development


In episode 3, Tobias and Stephen talk about telvision. First: something crazy that happened on Kitchen Nightmares recently and how the internet makes reality television more real. Next: why the return of Arrested Development kind of changes everything. And, finally: an update on an old hatchet-weilding friend and our internet things of the week. As always, please email us with feedback or leave it below! (CAUTION: there are some swears in this.)

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Unexpected Pleasures: “Top Chef All-Stars,” Season 8

Welcome to a new, not-entirely-irregular feature that I’m calling “Unexpected Pleasures.” It’s about trying things that I might otherwise dismiss to discover the joys hidden inside. Send suggestions to

I used to watch a lot of The Real World. There used to be a time when I could rattle off the names and defining character traits of everyone that occupied a certain ludicrously well-appointed New Orleans house. And even if it is universal, the fascination with that kind of reality television is at least a little shameful.

That’s why it’s such a joy to find some reality television that trades in a more sophisticated currency. My unexpected pleasure for this post: Top Chef. (more…)